Care Instructions

Each DIVO Jewelry jewel is a unique work of art. We use precious 925 sterling silver, the finest quality natural white and black diamonds, and other precious and semi-precious natural stones. All DIVO Jewelry pieces are Anti-Tarnish E-coated. We also E-coat over Gold plating to maintain the bright Gold look. 

PRECIOUS MATERIALS require some LOVE & TLC to preserve their timeless condition.


With proper care, your fine quality silver will last a lifetime. To minimize scratches and other damage, store your silver jewelry separately in a cloth pouch or in a compartment in your jewelry box. Avoid exposing your silver to household chemicals when cleaning with bleach or ammonia, as these chemicals can damage silver.

Cleaning your Silver
  • Use a soft non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching.
  • Move to a new section of the cloth regularly.
  • Use non-abrasive jewelry wash or simply use a little bit of soap.
  • Rub in a circular pattern or follow the grain of the silver.


With some love & care, your DIVO Jewelry pieces should give you a lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment. 

DIVO Jewelry pieces are Anti-Tarnish E-coated. A clear E-coat over finishes prone to tarnish such as silver, requires less maintenance to stay looking great. We also use E-coat over gold plating to prevent the gold from wearing, and to maintain the bright gold look. 

Simple things like how you store, wear, and clean your sterling silver jewelry, can keep your jewelry pieces look timeless. These small and simple steps will help keep your sterling silver jewelry looking brilliant forever.


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